Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Comparison of Presidents Bush and Obama Speeches Essay

Comparison of Presidents Bush and Obama Speeches - Essay Example A decade later in 2011, during the commemoration of the attack, President Obama delivered a speech in a bid to reassure the people of the indomitable attitude depicted by Americans struggle for peace after the terrorist attack. President Bush’s speech was brief compared to the detailed speech delivered by President Obama. Evidently, the two speeches had the objective of giving Americans the conviction they needed during the critically hard time. Moreover, as the presidents, they had the responsibility of reassuring Americans that they would triumph.  Ã‚  President Obama refers to the resilience of the people, highlighting the fact that they had demonstrated the willingness and ability to triumph over the grief and the loss that resulted from the violence. This came out clearly in Bush’s speech when he highlighted that Americans would prove strong in the fight against terror despite the immense grief surrounded by the multiple images of the scene that were circulating throughout America. In Obama’s speech, he delved into deeper details of the resilience and the American spirit. This idea is clear in both speeches because the two Presidents needed to remind the people that the attack was not sufficient to shatter their dreams. President Obama was able to relate the unbroken spirit of Americans because he was delivering his speech ten years after the attack, and there was evidence that Americans had proved resilient. Using examples, Obama reassuringly convinced the people of the indomitable spirit.   

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